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Coins and Banknotes

Nottingham Coins and Medals are based in Kirkby-in-Ashfield near Nottingham and now also in London. We buy coin collections, individual coins, banknotes and paper money, ancient and modern, from all countries. We buy and sell gold and silver coins, sovereigns, guineas, banknote collections and much more. We also buy postcard collections, vintage photos and albums, war medals, aviation and airline memorabilia, enamel, cap and military badges, militaria, antiques, stamps and postal history, and many similar collectable items. Let us know about your collection and what you have to sell!


We urgently want to buy coin collections, better individual coins and coin accumulations, old British and Commonwealth banknotes, gold sovereigns and all foreign gold and silver coins, and regularly travel around the UK to view interesting coin collections. We buy old gold and silver coins and more modern proof and uncirculated coin sets. In the first instance please call us or send details and/or pictures of the coins or collection you want to sell and we will reply to ALL telephone and e-mail enquiries within two working days!


Many coin collections can be valued simply by sending details and (preferably) pictures or scans, and we offer a free valuation service with NO obligation if using this method. For larger collections we will view free by arrangement and travel if necessary. We will value any coin or coin collection, war medals, stamp and postcard collections, banknotes and antique and collectable items. For a collection requiring detailed written valuations for insurance or probate purposes a professional charge will be made, dependant on the size and value of the collection. For a quotation please contact us.

GOLD COINS FOR SALE (June 2018) - Pictures on request :

Australia 2014 $25 Koala Cased + COA 0.999 / 7.77g PROOF £385
Australia 2015 $25 Princess Charlotte 0.999 / 7.77g PROOF £385
Canada 2015 Maple Machin Effigy + COA 0.999 / 7.79g PROOF £280
Jersey Sovereign 2014 Cased + COA 0.917 / 7.98g PROOF £335
TDC 2015 Armistice Day Double Crown 0.375 / 4.0g PROOF £115
TDC 2015 £1 Longest Reign Cased + COA 0.917 / 8.0g PROOF £275
TDC 2016 £2 Queen's Birthday Cased COA 0.917 / 16.0g PROOF £525
UK 2011 QEII Quarter Sovereign Boxed 0.917 / 1.99g BU £100
UK Victoria Half Sovereign 1885 0.917 / 3.99g VF £150
UK Victoria Sovereign 1900 0.917 / 3.99g GVF £275
UK Edward VII Half Sovereign 1909 0.917 / 3.99g GEF £140
UK Edward VII Half Sovereign 1910 0.917 / 3.99g AUNC £155
UK Edward VII Sovereign 1904 0.917 / 7.98g GVF £275
UK Edward VII Sovereign 1906 (M) 0.917 / 7.98g EF £280
UK Edward VII Sovereign 1907 0.917 / 7.98g GVF £275
UK Edward VII Sovereign 1908 (M) 0.917 / 7.98g GVF £275
UK Edward VII Sovereign 1910 0.917 / 7.98g EF £280
UK George V Sovereign 1911 0.917 /7.98g AUNC £275
UK George V Sovereign 1913 0.917 / 7.98g AUNC £275
UK QEII Sovereign 2000 in Folder 0.917 / 7.98g BU £290
UK QEII Sovereign 2014 0.917 / 7.98g BU £285
UK QEII Sovereign 2015 0.917 / 7.98g BU £285
USA 1856 Quarter Eagle $2.50 0.900 / 4.18g EF £265
USA 1897 $20 Double Eagle Coin 0.900/33.44g EF £1095


Nottingham Coins and Medals

11 Halfmoon Drive, Kirkby-in-Ashfield,
Nottinghamshire, NG17 7FY
Tel: 01623 755466
Mob: 07521 069261